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10 San Diego Startups Leading the Way in Sensor Technology

Explore San Diego companies at the forefront of sensor technology, 3D printing, home safety, and indoor health.

San Diego has become a launching pad for many of the most innovative smart home, sensor manufacturers, and internet-of-things (IoT) companies.

Many are building life-changing products at the intersection of sensor development, 3-D printing, and AI-powered tools built on Chat-GPT, while others are opening up new opportunities within the personal wellness and home safety sector.

Here’s a look at 10 IoT startups in San Diego transforming everyday people’s lives with revolutionary products.  


Startup Companies in San Diego to Know

  1. CleverPet
  2. Gryphon
  3. Vessel Health
  4. LUXE Bidet
  6. XY Labs
  7. Biolinq Inc.
  8. Occuspace
  9. Robo 3D
  10. IAQ


1. CleverPet


CleverPet is a smart console for dog owners. This pet-focused technology startup uses machine intelligence feeding device for housed pets to keep them occupied while their owners are away. It allows dogs to solve puzzles that get harder or easier, based on a pets’ levels of interest and challenge. Compatible with iOS and Android, the app allows users to keep track of stats and play games, among other use cases.


2. Gryphon


Gryphon makes Wi-Fi routers with baked-in security and finely tuned content filtering. From their smartphones, parents can block inappropriate websites, view their children’s browsing history, suspend access to social media during homework hours, shut off the Internet at bedtime and enforce safe search features on web browsers across multiple devices.


3. Vessel Health

Vessel Health

Vessel Health, a wellness company has developed a “lab in your hand” that helps everyday people access, understand, and optimize their health and wellness from the comfort of home. Using its technology-based urination test strips, its mobile application can analyze data and provide recommendations on what to eat or which supplements to take based on a user’s results.


4. Luxe Bidet

Luxe Bidet

Luxe Bidet is a consumer focused home-tech company based in San Diego. Focused on “making home hygiene affordable and accessible,” the Luxe Bidet brand has become mainstream with over 1 million units sold worldwide. Today, its products are sold online as well as at retailers including Target, Walmart, and Best Buy.



Esguard, an early-stage company focused on privacy protection, has developed a software product to stop unwanted ads, tracking, and malware. The consumer-focused mobile application is available on IOS and Android and has helped thousands of users maintain a more efficient and safer internet experience.


6. XY Labs 

XY Findit

XY Labs is a blockchain startup using Bluetooth tracking and sensor technology to provide a location finding product called XY Find It. In particular, it created a locator device to help keep track of various everyday items such as smartphones.


7. Biolinq


Biolinq, a medical device company, has developed a continuous glucose sensor with an integrated display on its wearable device. It has developed a micro-array of biosensors to measure interstitial fluid glucose levels just under the surface of the skin, and works as a needle-free sensor application.


8. Occuspace


Occuspace, an IoT occupancy data solution startup, provides real-time foot traffic data and spatial intelligence for businesses and people. Leveraging an IoT sensor, it can pinpoint Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals from mobile devices such as laptops and smartphones within about 4,000 square feet.


9. Robo 3D


Robo 3D is a desktop 3D printer manufacturer based in San Diego working to bring 3D printing to the masses. This Kickstarter-launched company designs and builds easy-to-use machines that can leverage plastic, nylon, and wood filament, among other materials.


10. IAQ


IAQ has developed a smart indoor air quality device. The product was designed to monitor over 20 air pollutants. It empowers everyday people to take control of their indoor air through recommended actions depending on different air quality readings.


The Future of Startup Companies in San Diego

San Diego looks likely to remain a top destination for innovative companies investing in new technology. With a great talent base, large population, and growing investment sector, San Diego has a lot to offer tech startups.

Meanwhile, it’s safe to say the future of consumer products will increasingly harness the power of technologies such as sensors, 3D printing, and artificial intelligence. Sometimes simple products — like an automatic dog feeder or an indoor air quality monitor — can improve our lives greatly.

IAQ started with personal experiences from founders Gideon Rubin and Josh Odmark, who had the idea to improve indoor air pollution by creating a more affordable, accessible, and comprehensive monitoring solution. Read their story.

Recently launched on Kickstarter, visit the IAQ campaign page to learn more, order a device, and help bring this revolutionary air quality monitor to homes everywhere. 

Fred Grier

Fred Grier writes about San Diego-based startups, venture capital, and the technology industry on the Substack SD Founders. He's covered IPOs, fundraising rounds, and M&A for The San Diego Business Journal and Fresh Brewed Tech. Fred is an alumnus of UC San Diego with an MBA from University of San Diego.

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