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IAQ Is Now Available on Kickstarter

Now available to purchase on Kickstarter, IAQ monitors more than 20 indoor air contaminants, including smoke, CO, VOCs, mold, and particulate matter..

Today we are proud to announce the official launch of IAQ on Kickstarter! 

IAQ is the first-of-its-kind no-setup, smart air quality monitoring device that can measure more than 20 air pollutants, including all of the worst contaminants flagged by the EPA. 

In a post-pandemic world where people spend more than 90% of their time inside, IAQ provides unparalleled transparency into air quality data. Just plug IAQ into any power outlet in your home, office, or lab and instantly access a dashboard with real-time readouts of contaminant levels in the air, and get alerts directly to your smartphone when air quality drops.

The journey to launching IAQ started with personal experiences that alerted Rubin and Odmark to the gravity of indoor air pollution and the need for a more accessible and comprehensive solution to monitoring indoor air quality.

“When my wife became pregnant with my first child, I started thinking more about the health and safety of our home, and I was shocked to find out how common poor indoor air quality is,” said Odmark. “Even more surprising was how hard it was to get a read on my home’s air quality. Every product on the market was either too expensive, too complicated, or limited in the air contaminants it could measure.” 

IAQ addresses these problems by offering comprehensive air quality monitoring in a user-friendly and affordable format. The simple 3D-printed device offers:

  • Measurement of 20+ air pollutants, including all EPA-flagged contaminants
  • Real-time dashboard with automated smartphone alerts
  • Seamless integration with popular smart home systems (e.g. Apple HomeKit, Alexa, Smart Things, and more)
  • Cellular connectivity for data transmission (no need for Wi-Fi or Bluetooth)
  • Easy setup, just plug it in and it starts measuring air quality immediately 

“We wanted to use Kickstarter to launch this product because we think IAQ provides a simple tool for people who’ve had so few options to monitor their indoor air, and crowdfunding felt like a natural fit,” said Odmark. “Our goal is to put one of these devices into every home.” 

Today, IAQ can monitor levels of more than 20 indoor air contaminants, including smoke, carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), mold, radon, and particulate matter. It also captures basic components of air quality such as temperature, air pressure, and humidity. 

Please join the movement for healthier indoor environments by supporting IAQ on Kickstarter today. Visit our campaign page to learn more, contribute, and help bring this revolutionary air quality monitor to homes everywhere.

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Meghan Serceki

Meghan Serceki is Community Outreach Specialist at YourIAQ. A recent graduate from the University of California San Diego with two B.A.s in Writing and Spanish Literature, Meghan is experienced in content development, customer relations, and analytical writing.