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Where IAQ Started: Origin of the First Device

In this short video, IAQ inventor Josh Odmark introduces us to where IAQ started with a look at the first IAQ device.

IAQ is a first-of-its-kind no-setup, smart air quality monitoring device that can measure more than 20 air pollutants, including all of the worst contaminants flagged by the EPA. Before IAQ was available to measure your home’s air quality, it started a simple DIY computerboard

Hear IAQ co-founder Josh Odmark talk about the original IAQ prototype device.

An Introduction to the First IAQ

<<Video Transcript>>

Hi, this is Josh with IAQ. I want to share this story of the beginning of IAQ with you, as this is where it all began. This is what my first solution to solve my problem was many years ago.

This is a Raspberry Pi Zero inside of a little 3D printed case here. And then we added a board created by Piro that has some sensors built into it and some connections to have other sensors and a little screen to display information.

So when I was looking for something like this at first, it didn’t exist.

And so I used this device to build it myself.

This is where the aha moment happened. It’s when I started playing with this guy, and I quickly realized, oh my goodness, I could add even more sensors. I could write more code. I could do things that makes it more accurate and more usable for the things that I wanted, which was to understand air quality and other things in the home to optimize health and safety.

Even this right here didn’t have nearly what I wanted, but it was a good first step. This is where I sort of realized, wow, this isn’t that complex. It’s in my wheelhouse to do it.

This was the first proof of concept and I went from here and started building my own device from the ground up. So this is where IAQ started a long time ago now.

I have really fond memories looking at this guy of figuring out trial-and-error, writing my own code, seeing how these things work. It was a lot of fun and the journey has been fantastic.

So I keep this guy as a little memento to remind myself of where we came from.

I wanted to share that with you and thank all you for watching.

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Josh Odmark

Josh Odmark is the co-founder and CTO of YourIAQ and Sensables, where he leads product development and engineering efforts. A full-stack engineer with experience in data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, Josh has co-founded several technology companies, including Pandio and Local Data Exchange. Josh is an experienced engineer and maker with a passion for building data-driven tools and solutions to everyday problems.