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Toxic Gases Inside: The Perils of Radon and Carbon Monoxide

In this blog post, we're diving into a crucial topic for every homeowner and renter: the presence of toxic gases in homes, specifically radon and carbon monoxide. These invisible threats…

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Mold Hotspots: Ranking the 5 Worst U.S. States for Mold

Mold can be found just about anywhere. It thrives in humidity, darkness, and warmth, spreading wherever these conditions are met…

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring: A Beginner’s Guide to Testing Your Home’s Air

It's not common knowledge that the air inside your home is more likely to harm your health than the air…

IAQ Solutions

IAQ Demo: How IAQ Works in a Real World Situation

IAQ measures more than 20 potentially dangerous indoor air pollutants and provides you unparalleled data on what's inside your indoor…

What Pollutants Does IAQ Measure?

IAQ measures more than 20 potentially harmful indoor air pollutants in addition to ambient temperature and humidity. Exactly what pollutants…

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IAQ home automation
From Detection to Action: Integrating IAQ with Home Automation

Welcome to the evolving world of indoor air quality (IAQ) and home automation—a realm where…

indoor and outdoor air pollution
The Relationship Between Outdoor Pollution and Indoor Air

With increasing attention on environmental issues, it’s essential to grasp the connection between indoor and…

The Role of Data in Managing Indoor Air Quality

In today's tech-savvy world, the importance of data in managing and measuring indoor air quality…

Lung health and Indoor air quality - 1
Breathe Easy: How Indoor Air Quality Affects Lung Health

Our lungs are resilient organs, but they're not invincible. Every breath we take impacts our…

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