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9 Celebrities With Allergies

Despite their fame, these 9 famous people battle with chronic respiratory allergies.

Many of us grapple with the sneezes, sniffles, and itchy eyes that come with respiratory allergies, and celebrities are no exception. Despite their lives in the spotlight, these famous individuals face the same challenges as the rest of us when it comes to chronic allergies. From Hollywood movie stars with hay fever to famous singers with asthma, in this roundup, we highlight celebrities with allergies, some of whom have publicly battled these symptoms throughout their lives.

1. Demi Lovato 

In a Buzzfeed interview, Lovato shared that she’s allergic to cats and dogs. “I’ll have a bad allergic reaction to dogs, sometimes I won’t. But cats, if I am 10 feet away from them, I’ll be freaking out,” she reportedly said. Lovato’s allergies haven’t prevented her from being nominated for Grammy and Billboard Music Awards and winning several People’s Choice Awards. 


2. Eva Longoria Baston

After struggling with a perfume allergy for years, Eva Longoria Baston released her own line of allergy-conscious fragrances. “I’ve been allergic my entire life. If someone were wearing perfume next to me, I would sneeze and sneeze and sneeze,” she told reporters after launching her new perfume.


3. Tiger Woods

Despite spending most of his career outside amidst scenes of trees and flowers, Tiger Woods is allergic to pollen. One of the all-time greatest professional golfer, Woods once said: “I’m allergic to grass, trees, dust, pollen. It’s something I’ve always had. When I was a kid, it was 10 times worse than it is now.”


4. Debra Messing

Messing grew up in an area surrounded by grass, flowers, pollen and mold. The Will & Grace star claims her surroundings made her sick all of the time before she finally realized the culprit. After seeing an allergist, Messing said she was able to pinpoint the problem and receive treatment. 


5. Sarah Hyland

Reportedly, Hyland was filming the pilot episode of Modern Family when she had a dog encounter that resulted in her breaking out in hives. Hyland has dealt with other health issues in her career, and speaks openly about treatments and side effects of medications. 


6. Busy Phillips

Actress Busy Phillips struggles with sinus and allergy issues that she attributes to a genetic defect that blocks her nasal passages. The issue causes her facial pain and pressure, for which she’s undergone surgery. Phillips addresses her issues primarily through a regimented diet.


7. Gabrielle Union-Wade

Union-Wade revealed that she is allergic to smoke, especially from cigarettes. Her condition came out when she feuded with her America’s Got Talent co-host Simon Cowell, who she claimed smoked cigarettes on set.


8. Meghan Trainor

Trainor said in a radio interview she was allergic to mold that she discovered while in school at the time. According to the award winning vocalist, “I would cough all the time. It was the mold.” She said her family had to move because the location where they lived had a huge mold problem. 


9. Rosario Dawson

Dawson’s allergies prevented her from following a very different career path. The Ahsoka actress said when she was growing up she wanted to be a veterinarian, but later discovered she is allergic to “almost every animal out there.”



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