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IAQ Demo: How IAQ Works in a Real World Situation

In this real life simulation, watch how IAQ provides transparency into indoor air in near real time and warns you of potential danger.

IAQ measures more than 20 potentially dangerous indoor air pollutants and provides you unparalleled data on what’s inside your indoor air. But how does this apply to a real life situation?

In this short video, we provide a demonstration of how IAQ works in a simulated situation where unhealthy air levels may be present. 


How IAQ Works in Real Life

As seen in the video, an IAQ device is placed near a kitchen stove. When gas emitted from the stove burner reaches an elevated level, the IAQ sends an alert to your smartphone.

IAQ also changes color from green (indicating healthy air) to red (indicating potentially unhealthy air). The IAQ user reacts to the alert by turning on the fan on his stove hood to increase ventilation. Only seconds later, IAQ registers the improved air quality and turns back to green.

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Josh Odmark

Josh Odmark is the co-founder and CTO of YourIAQ and Sensables, where he leads product development and engineering efforts. A full-stack engineer with experience in data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, Josh has co-founded several technology companies, including Pandio and Local Data Exchange. Josh is an experienced engineer and maker with a passion for building data-driven tools and solutions to everyday problems.