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Air Matters: Episode 1 – Gideon Rubin

A conversation with Gideon Rubin, CEO and Co-Founder of IAQ by Sensables.

In our first episode of Air Matters, Joey Campbell speaks with Gideon Rubin the CEO and Co-Founder of IAQ by Sensables. They discuss:

  • The importance of indoor air quality and factors that influence it
  • Health impacts of poor indoor air quality
  • Pollution sources that affect the quality of the air you breathe
  • Government standards and regulation of indoor air quality
  • The societal and economic impacts of managing indoor air
  • How to measure and improve indoor air quality
  • Reasons Gideon started IAQ


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Joey Campbell

Joey Campbell is a writer, editor, and content leader with more than 20 years of professional experience in content development and strategy. He's orchestrated content operations for brands with millions-strong audiences and led teams at Nike, Razorfish, eHow, and Joey is also an active contributor to a range of mission-driven startups, civic groups, and nonprofits.