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Welcome to Airwaves, a weekly roundup of the most important events and stories in the indoor air quality world. Here are the headlines for the week of July 19, 2023:

As New York continues to grapple with air quality issues caused by wildfires, city officials are considering setting up "clean air centers" as a solution. The idea is when air quality is bad, everyone can go to a public space with an upgraded HVAC system, top of the line air filters, and air quality monitors and purifiers to keep the air safe. Could this become more common around the country?

For those living in the midwest and along the east coast, air quality questions have come up more this summer than in the past. One such common question is whether you should run your air conditioner when outdoor air quality is bad? This article answers that and offers additional tips for improving indoor air quality during smoky conditions. 

If you're wondering about how your indoor air quality might be affecting your daily life, check out this short video from the American Lung Association. It does a great job of describing how air quality can affect your breathing.

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As always, contact us with questions, comments, or feedback on all things indoor air. 

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